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[] Lowongan Web application programmer di PT Prosoft Computer Systems

Nama Perusahaan PT Prosoft Computer Systems
Alamat Gedung Bank Mandiri 7th floor, Jl. Tanjung Karang 3-4A

Prosoft Computer Systems (PCS) started its activities in 1986 where
its founder - Tommy Poesoro - as an individual began developing an
inventory control system for automotive parts reseller.

This system called Sistem Persediaan Barang (SPB) was used by more
than 80 part shops all over Indonesia. In 1994, the source code was
purchased by PT Berlian System Informasi which then developed a
Delphi version (the original was written in Cobol) of exactly the
same system, and distributed it for use by more than 100 dealers of
PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors as their proprietary spare parts
system. SPB in its original version is being used until now by
several companies, among others Utama Motor, an automotive parts
shop located in Jakarta. Thereafter, Mr Poesoro formed a team of
developers who went on developing systems for small companies :
workshop management, human resources management, payroll,
accounting, (Multi-Level Marketing) MLM and even a motorvehicle
registration system for the Indonesian Police. Currently a project
is in progress for a school called Tara Salvia, where a student
registration system, academic performance tracking system, library
system and a website is being created.

In 2003, PCS was invited to study the Information Technology (IT)
situation at PT Asuransi Bintang Tbk and conducted a IT strategic
planning followed by the creation of an integrated insurance system.

PT Prosoft Computer Systems was established after the successful
creation of Next-G, the integrated insurance system for PT Asuransi
Bintang Tbk, as a vehicle to further market, sell and maintain Next-G

:: Informasi Lowongan
Lowongan Web application programmer

Detail / Deskripsi Pekerjaan
PT Prosoft Computer Systems is an Indonesian technology consulting
company with current focus in general insurance field. In line with
our program to increase the speed of service and to provide long
term know how and support to our client(s), we are looking for
energetic, creative persons with focus on tasks at hand and
commitment to quality to fill the following position:
Web application programmer
Following are specific technical skills we look for in candidates
for this position:
* PHP programming
* JavaScript scripting
* PostgreSQL database management
* UNIX/Linux system administration
The position will put the successful applicants as cohesive members
of a development team with following responsibilites:
* Complete the coding of the application based on specification set
out by software designer and head of development team
* Coordinate with head of development team regarding the progress of
coding along with hurdles and alternative way out
* Work together with QC personnel to resolve found software
malfunction (bugs)
* Work with functional consultant to provide master data
* Help administer the system until transfer of ownership to client

Kualifikasi Pendidikan Diploma III/Akademi/Sarjana Muda
Pengalaman Kerja tahun
Ditempatkan Jakarta
Tipe Pekerjaan
Tanggal Pasang 2007-01-09 10:09:39

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